Monday, August 3, 2015

Campbell backs hydro protesters

Local MPP Sarah Campbell stood among demonstrators in the province-wide hydro protests across the riding last Friday (April 4).
Campbell said she was encouraged by all of those who showed up in Dryden, Nestor Falls, and Red Lake to speak out against the high hydro bills they have been receiving.

“At a time when families are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet, the cost of this essential service has skyrocketed,” said Campbell.
“Some of you are experiencing hydro bills that are doubled, and some are forced to choose heat over food and groceries,” she noted.
Campbell attended the Red Lake protest, and sent representatives to speak on her behalf in Dryden and Nestor Falls.
At all rallies, the message from the protesters was the same–residents simply cannot accept the high increases and extra charges on their bills.
At the Red Lake rally, Campbell stressed she regularly raises the issue of hydro affordability in the Ontario legislature, and ensures that concerns raised with her and her office make their way to government’s doorstep.
Yesterday in Queen’s Park, Campbell delivered a statement in the legislature citing the protest and relaying the stories she heard from people who are struggling.
She called on the government to rein in the runaway bills by
•stopping the $1-billion annual subsidy of electricity exports;
•capping executive pay at Hydro One; and
•reducing waste by merging Ontario’s hydro agencies.

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