Wednesday, August 5, 2015

‘Sunshine list’ keeps growing

Rainy River District School Board
•Director of Education Heather Campbell—$178,438 in 2013 (up from $175,077 in 2012);

•Superintendent of Education Al McManaman—$146,910;
•Superintendent of Education Casey Slack—$171,373;
•Superintendent of Business Laura Mills—$156,109;
•Assistant to the director Sylvia Parker—$131,568; and
•Manager of Information Technology Stephen Danielson—$102,418.
Newcomers to the “sunshine list” from administration include manager of transportation Nikki Armstrong ($102,123), manager of human resources Ann Cox ($102,878), manager of financial services Meghan Cox ($102,418), and manager of plant operations and maintenance Travis Enge ($102,423).
The new principal on the list is Darryl Gannon ($108,110).
Other principals on the list include Leslie Barr Kellar ($115,188), James Chorney ($111,515), William Daley ($118,010), Pegeen Keffer ($125,944), Kevin Knutsen ($114,547), Gordon McCabe ($115,209), Lucinda Meyers ($111,588), Kendall Olsen ($111,588), Dianne Thompson ($121,704), and Kerri Tolen ($112,545).
The new vice-principal on the list is David Mack ($103,691).
Other vice-principals on the list include Jennifer Baker ($108,167), Shane Bliss ($100,986), Anne Carridice ($105,045), Cameron Keast ($102,718), Donna Kowalski ($106,033), and Carla Magisano ($109,938).
New teachers on the list include Kenneth Bassett ($101,154), Shane Beckett ($101,993), Dawn Masson ($100,746), and Teresa Stamler ($137,297).
Returning teachers included Chris Denby ($100,634), Paul Elliott, president of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation ($188,004), and William Fisher ($100,601).
They were joined by Brian Gustafson ($100,601), Kent Kowalski ($100,601.74), Gary Lipinski ($123,304), and Kimberly McKinnon ($103,043).
Northwest Catholic District School Board
•Director of Education Mary-Catherine Kelly—$137,104 (this is lower than previous years as she retired last year and the amount, which had been in the $200,000 range, does not reflect a full year’s salary);
•Superintendent of Business Chris Howarth—$141,437; and
•Assistant to the Superintendent of Education Jo-Ann Querel—$127,123.
New to the list is Superintendent of Education Margot Saari—$135,838.
Principals on the list include Kimberly-Anne Anderson ($110,629), Darlene Fejos-Rousseau ($116,228), Ron Fryer ($112,831), Brendan Hyatt ($121,956), Susan MacLellan ($112,890), and Mark Lugli ($116,228).
Vice-principals on the list include Jennifer Rathwell ($104,564) and Patricia Vinczeffy ($105,653).
Teacher Daniel Maltais was paid $100,059 in 2013.
Confederation College/
Seven Generations
Education Institute
Anne Renaud, director of the Confederation College (Rainy River District campus), made $107,275 in 2013—up slightly from $106,214.51 in 2012.
Seven Generations CEO Delbert Horton made $113,113 in 2013, up from $109,805 in 2012, while aboriginal leader Brent Tookenay made $125,008 in 2013, up from $121,730 the year before.
Riverside Health
Care Facilities, Inc.
•CEO and president Allan Katz—$184,737 (marking his first full year on the job here);
•Executive vice-president and chief nursing executive Lori Maki—$142,635;
•Senior director of capital planning Ed Cousineau—$111,814;
•Director of corporate services, chief financial office and chief information officer Henry Gauthier—$119,800.
•Manager of care at Rainy River Health Centre Tammy McNally—$104,304;
•Director of human resources Janice Winik—$102,745;
•Nursing supervisor Katharine Taylor—$126,139.
Registered nurses who made more than $100,000 in 2012, and did so again in 2013, included Shelley Gustafson ($110,795), Marina Martin ($119,220), Laurie-Lee Pollard ($105,240), Shirley Scott ($104,873.23), and Dianna Whalen ($104,666).
New to the list for Riverside were nursing supervisor Lori Green ($100,113), RN Lorette Lougheed ($113,513), RN Karla Marie Rogozinski ($103,166), director patient safety and risk and manager of care at Emo Health Centre Glenna Morand ($100,971), RN Dwight Stang ($100,947), RN Jody Tessier ($101,289), RN Wendy Van Drunen ($101,971), and director of nursing practice and education Anne Marie Vanderaa ($100,639).
Northwestern Health Unit
•Medical Officer of Health Dr. James Arthurs—$301,056 (up from $292,340 in 2012);
•CEO Mark Perrault—$123,483 (up from $119,600 in 2012); and
•Chief financial officer Lois Bailey—$104,296.
New to the list were manager of chronic disease programs Tanis Fretter ($119,596), manager of family health programs Kim Gardiman ($100,282), manager of sexual health and harm reduction programs Gillian Lunny ($101,282), manager of environmental health and smoke free programs Jennifer McKibbon ($100,282), manager of dental health programs Dawn Sauve ($100,282), and manager of infectious disease programs Donna Stanley ($100,282).
It should be noted the six managers had received pay equity compensation, which boosted their wages in 2013.
Additionally, two of the postions (Fretter’s and Bailey’s) are now gone.
North West LHIN
•CEO Laura Kokocinski—$265,673 (up from $260,000 in 2012);
•Senior director of health system performance Brian Ktytor—$184,114;
•Senior director of health system transformation Susan Pilatzke—$184,690.
•Senior consultant, planning and integration, Heather Grey—$125,075;
•Senior funding, performance, and contract management consultant Kevin Holder—$119,913.
•Senior consultant, funding and allocation, Liisa Simi—$124,204;
•Senior consultant, planning and integration, Heather Murchison—$122,007; and
•Regional manager, project management office and change management, Andrew Wehrstedt—$129,360.
Newcomers on the North West LHIN portion of the “sunshine list” include senior consultant, funding performance and contract management, Byron Ball ($105,315), director of communication Kellie Hudson ($103,000), senior consultant, planning and integration, Brent Maranzan ($103,798), director of performance contract and allocation Peter Myllymaa ($105,346), and controller and corporate services manager Christopher Wcislo ($100,949).
Town of Fort Frances
•CAO Mark McCaig—$135,189.66 (down slightly from $135,339.09 in 2012);
•Operations and Facilities manager Doug Brown—$103,691;
•Treasurer Laurie Witherspoon—$100,786; and
•Fire Chief Frank Sheppard—$100,778.
New to the list of town employees is firefighter Capt. Kirk Armstrong—$104,125.
Hydro One
Local Hydro One workers on the “sunshine list” include Blake Bodnar ($123,515), Brian Curtis ($123,461), Jeff Gagne ($124,010), Brent McQuaker ($144,343), Bill Mueller ($106,483), Troy Norman ($118,508), Dan Pollard ($150,314), and Dan Teeple $113,485.
Social services/family services
•CAO of the Rainy River District Social Services Administration Board CAO Dan McCormick—$120,205 (up from $115,317 in 2012);
•Director of finance for Kenora-Rainy River Child & Family Services Bill Johnson—$107,381;
•Director of services Vince Kastrukoff—$105,535.
•Executive director of services Bill Leonard—$157,230;
Director of service Carmen Marginet—$102,681.63; and
•Supervisor Carmen Moody—$110,005.60
•Kenora-Rainy River MPP Sarah Campbell—$116,550 (the same as in 2012).
Police/ justice
•Fort Frances OPP detachment commander Steve Shouldice—$137,246 (up from $132,962 in 2012).
While there are about 50 OPP officers across the district, and some of them do make more than $100,000, all police names are listed alphabetically—not regionally—on the “sunshine list.”
This makes it difficult to determine which names, amongst the hundreds on the list, are those of local officers without unintentionally omitting some.
•Treaty #3 Police Sgt. Joseph Gervais—$104,488;
•Treaty #3 Cst. Scott Phillips—$107,422; and
•Treaty #3 Cst. Ginette Achneepinesku—$101,550.
•Marc Bode, Regional Senior Judge for North West Region—$292,219 (up from $284,967 in 2012).
Judges on the list also include Dianne Baig ($271,420), Peter Bishop ($290,870), Joyce Elder ($271,420), Donald Fraser ($263,930), Jennifer Hoshizaki ($271,420), Alan McKay ($271,420), Joyce Pelletier ($271,420), and Frank Valente ($271,420).
Justice of the Peace Pat Clysdale-Cornell—$122,635 (up slightly from $120,738 in 2012).
•Crown Attorney Robert “Buster” Young—$199,725 (same as in 2012).
No other municipalities or First Nations within the district reported having employees paid over the $100,000 mark.
The complete salary disclosure list is available online at, including the salaries for certain public sectors, such as the provincial ministries and Crown agencies which are not organized by region.
As part of the Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act, the province requires all provincial government, Crown agencies and corporations, the Ontario Power Generation, Hydro One and its subsidiaries, as well as publicly-funded organizations, to disclose the names, positions, salaries, and taxable benefits of employees who are paid more than $100,000 in a year.

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