Thursday, July 30, 2015

Lottery philantropist busy giving money

CALGARY—Calgary’s lottery philanthropist has been busy giving away the $40 million he won last year on the Lotto Max.
Tom Crist, the retired head of an electronics company, has donated $1.2 million to the Tom Baker Cancer Centre, where his wife, Janice, was treated before her death, and has given more money to cancer sufferers.

However, he said the weight of the requests he’s been inundated with since news of his lotto win broke are taking a toll.
Scam e-mails also have surfaced.
But other than that, he noted his philanthropy has been a rewarding experience.
Crist said he can’t help the whole world, but he’s going to help as many people as he can.
Recently, Crist invested millions of dollars into a local company that provides online programming for children.
Kidoodle TV was invented by Mike Lowe after his young son unintentionally started watching an adult movie.
He said his company aims to give parents more opportunity to control how their children are watching TV.
Crist said thanks to his investment, revenues from Kidoodle TV will go back into his charitable foundation.
“In order for that foundation to go on for years and years, there has to be a return,” he noted.
Crist, meanwhile, plans to meet with the Alberta Cancer Board this month to decide where his next big donation should go.
He has said his decision to give away the money was easy as he had a successful career and didn’t need the money for himself or his family.

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