Saturday, August 1, 2015

School year to change

A report today out of Toronto indicates summertime schooling soon will be the norm here.
According to a leaked memo, the Ministry of Education says a three-year study of changing weather patterns across Canada has led experts to deem the winter months impede learning.

Lost days due to frigid temperatures, blizzards, transportation interruptions, and winter illnesses have prompted the decision to make January through March the new “summer” holiday.
The new school year instead would run from April to December, including through June, July, and August.
The draft memo states the move to permanent summertime schooling would offer many benefits, including more consistent outdoor recess and additional opportunities for field trips.
It also would provide easier access to school for students via walking, cycling, and inline skating.
Busing costs also can be dramatically reduced during the summer months as older students (those aged eight and up) would have little difficulty walking, cycling, or inline skating up to five km to and from school.
There is no word as to when the new school year would be implemented.
The memo did state a 24-month pilot project could begin as early as next April in several areas, including Rainy River District.
Ministry spokesperson Avril F. Dajour only would say all options are on the table.

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