Friday, July 31, 2015

Unifor eyes Toyota

KITCHENER, Ont.—The Unifor labour union is seeking to represent more than 6,500 workers at Toyota’s three Canadian auto plants in Ontario.
The union says it is filing an application with the Ontario Labour Relations Board to become the bargaining agent at Toyota Canada, and expects its workers to vote in favour of unionization next week.

Jerry Dias, Unifor national president, declined to say how many of the workers had signed union cards to date, but said Unifor had been sought out by the Toyota employees and had “significant support.”
“We are absolutely confident that we have enough cards that meets the Ontario government threshold or we wouldn’t be here today,” he said during a news conference Monday.
Top concerns for Toyota workers include wages, pensions, and workplace issues.
Dias said he expected the vote to begin next Monday, with the results released later in April.
If it succeeds, these would be the first Toyota plants in North America to become unionized.

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