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Allan set to record demo


FORT FRANCES—District singer and songwriter Sandra Allan will be recording three songs in Winnipeg on Sunday in hopes of beginning her musical career.

And she attributes the opportunity, in part, to her friends and other district residents who have supported her along the way.

“They’ve just be so nice and so giving,” she remarked. “I can’t say enough about them . . . I really appreciate all their support.”

Back in February, several locals organized the “Sweet Dreams” talent show in Stratton—a benefit concert to help raise funds for Allan to be able to record her songs.

Recording time for demos with a quality high enough to play on the radio would cost upwards of $3,000, which Allan didn’t have.

About $775 was raised that night, bringing Allan that much closer to her goal.

And recently, she placed second in a karaoke contest held at the Lake of the Woods night club in Kenora—with the prize being a session of recording time.

“So I got enough to record and pay for the musicians,” Allan noted. “It’s just awesome.”

On Sunday, the four Manitoba musicians—Tom Dutiuame (guitar), Tim Sutton (drums), Mark Arnold (keyboard), and Vaughan Poyser (bass)—will go into the studio and lay down the tracks.

Then Allan will go in and record the vocals.

The three songs—all written by Allan—are entitled “59 Reasons,” “When Forever Starts,” and “Dark Blue Sky.”

“I’m very positive about these songs,” she expressed. “They are contemporary country. Two of them are kind of like a Shania Twain style—fun, people can relate to them, and up-beat.”

Meanwhile, “Dark Blue Sky” is a ballad she wrote as a dedication to her late father.

The CD of the songs will be distributed by her manager, Dennis Simcock, to a number of country radio stations in Canada and the United States, including KSDM over in International Falls.

“I have a friend who has seven radio stations in the New York area that are country music and he’s willing to put them on there, as well,” Allan noted.

“I’ve been networking with different people to get them out to the different radio stations.”

Allan said people can expect to hear the songs on the airwaves sometime next month.

She hopes the demos songs will get her noticed. Then she’d be able to record a full, sellable CD.

“I’m very excited,” Allan enthused. “It’s been a long time coming because I’ve been wanting to get in the studio since I was 30 years old. . . .

“I’m ready to go for it, so I guess you get to a point in your life where you just want to do what you’ve been dreaming about all your life,” she added.

In addition to her three demo songs, Allan also may have the chance to sing a duet with a well-known male country singer.

She indicated one of the musicians knows the singer and has said he is interested in working with her on one of the songs she’s written.

“I’m still writing songs all the time. Someone might come up to me and say a word, and it just sparks it and I go write it,” Allan noted, adding she also has been asked to write songs for two other singers in Winnipeg.

“I think it’s time for it to happen,” she continued. “God has a time for everyone to do their stuff and I believe this is my time.”

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