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Badminton tourney boasts record field


The Fort Frances Badminton Club held its annual tournament over the weekend at Fort High.

The field of 115 participants from across Northwestern Ontario, Manitoba, and upper Minnesota was the largest in tournament history, representing an increase of 15 people from a year ago.

“Everything went great,” said organizer Manami Alexander, coach of the Fort Frances Badminton Club.

“Everyone got lots of games so they were happy,” she added. “We are already receiving good feedback that people enjoyed the games . . . and socializing, making friends.”

The two-day tournament was open to both junior and senior players. The youngest competitor was just seven years old while the oldest was in their 70s.

The contingent of local players fared well against some tough competition from out of town—much to the delight of their coach.

“They did really well,” Alexander enthused. “They played better than usual.

“Winnipeg always has strong players,” she added. “They brought good competition again this year and we didn’t look bad at all.”

In addition to the badminton, participants also enjoyed a nice meal followed by a social on Saturday night at the Little Beaver Snow Park.

The following are the top finishers in each of the divisions:

U10 Girls/Boys’ Singles

•‘A’ champion—Skylor Arpin (Rainy River), ‘A’ runner-up—Taylor Shouldice (Fort Frances);

•Consolation winner—Hayley Arpin (Rainy River), Consolation runner-up—Taylor Whitehead (Fort Frances);

U13 Girls’ Singles

•‘A’ champion—Sarah Bagacki (Fort Frances), ‘A’ runner-up—Lillian Lau (White Court);

•Consolation winner—Alexa Lesperance (Fort Frances), Consolation runner-up—Lindsay Inglis (Wildewood Club);

U13 Boys’ Singles

•Champion—Nathan Schiefelbein (Whitemouth), Runner-up—Jordan Principe (Marathon), Third place—Jonathan Johnson (Whitemouth);

U16-U19 Girls’ ‘A’ Singles

•Champion—Natalie Desjardins (Fort Frances), Runner-up—Alicia Loucks (Kenora), Third place—Melissa Liew (Wildewood Club);

U16-U19 Girls’ ‘B’ Singles

•Champion—Shelby Nosan (Baudette), Runner-up—Hannah Taylor (Fort Frances), Third Place—Chelsea Carlson (Fort Frances);

U16 Boys’ Singles

•Champion—Shaun Kirchman (Wildewood Club), Runner-up—Blair Kaminski (Wildewood Club), Third Place—Dale Kinley (Wildewood Club);

U19 Boys’ Singles

•‘A’ champion—John McCormack, ‘A’ runner-up—Tim Desjardins (Fort Frances);

•Consolation winner—Lawrence Lau (Wildewood Club), Consolation runner-up—Shawn Brophy (Kenora);

Men’s ‘A’ - Women’s ‘A’ Singles

•Champion—Yogi Sehgal (Sioux Lookout), Runner-up—Dave Janhunen (Thunder Bay), Third place—Clarissa Koh (Winnipeg);

Men’s ‘B’ Singles

•Champion—Dion Berube (Marathon), Runner-up—Guy Arpin (Rainy River), Manami Alexander (Fort Frances);

Women’s ‘B’ Singles

•Champion—Salene Gan (University of Manitoba), Runner-up—Sherri Christiansen (Fort Frances), Third place—Nikki Bagacki (Fort Frances);

Men’s ‘C’ & 50+ Singles

•Champion—Greg Chan (University of Manitoba), Runner-up—Andres Villafana (Winnipeg), Third place—Jimmy Ho (Winnipeg);

Women’s ‘C’ Singles

•‘A’ Champion—Joleen Hogan (Fort Frances), ‘A’ runner-up—Carole MacKintosh;

•Consolation Champion—Tina Bear (Fort Frances), Consolation runner-up—Liza Pye (Fort Frances);

U10 Girls-Boys’ Doubles

•Champions—Skylar Arpin/Jenna Jarvis (Rainy River), Runners-up—Daniel Lau (Winnipeg)/Hayley Arpin (Rainy River), Third place—Sydney Stanley/Amber Hoszowsky (Fort Frances);

U13 Girls’ Doubles

•Champions—Sarah Bagacki (Fort Frances)/Courtney Hansen (Rainy River), Runners-up—Lillian Lau (Wildewood Club)/Francesca Chan (Winnipeg), Third place—Lindsay Inglis (Wildewood Club)/Holly Kroker (Whitemouth);

U13-U16 Boys’ Doubles

•Champions—Blair Kaminski/Dale Kinley (Wildewood Club), Runners-up—Shaun Kirchman (Wildewood Club)/Justin Chan (Winnipeg), Third place—Andre Valenzuela/Matt Jolicoeur (Fort Frances);

U16 Girls’ Doubles

•Champions—Callie Graboski/Taylor Graboski (Dryden), Runners-up—Hannah Taylor (Fort Frances)/Hailey Granger (Warren), Third place—Chelsea Bragg/Brooke Paterson (Fort Frances);

U19 Boys’-Men’s ‘A’ Doubles

•‘A’ champions—Les Gamble/Dave Janhunen (Thunder Bay), ‘A’ runners-up—Shawn Golden/Kelly McGuire (Thunder Bay);

•Consolation champions—Guy Arpin/Donnie Gall (Rainy River), Consolation runners-up—Tim Desjardins/Jamie Jensen (Fort Frances);

U19 Girls’-Women’s ‘A’ Doubles

•Champions—Linda Currie/Diane O’Neill (Thunder Bay), Runners-up—Veronica Lau/Melissa Liew (Wildewood Club), Third place—Alicia Louks/Claudette Edie (Kenora);

Men’s ‘B’ Doubles

•Champions—Al Christiansen (Fort Frances)/Jim Principe (Marathon), Runners-up—Andres Villafana/Jimmy Ho (Winnipeg), Third place—Sebastian Lau/Stephan Lau (Winnipeg);

Women’s ‘B’ Doubles

•Champions—Salene Gan (University of Manitoba)/Yue Lu (Fort Frances), Runners-up—Sandra Ottertail/Bev Arpin (Rainy River), Third place—Nikki Bagacki (Fort Frances)/Sally Inglis (Wildewood Club);

U13 Mixed Doubles

•Champions—Lindsay Inglis (Wildewood Club)/Nathan Schiefelbein (Whitemouth), Runners-up—Alexa Lesperance (Fort Frances)/Jordan Principe (Marathon), Third place—Holly Kroker/Jeremy Lennon-Gibson (Whitemouth);

U10-U13 Extra Doubles

•Champions—Lillian Lau (Wildewood Club)/Courtney Hansen (Rainy River), Runners-up—Johnathan Johnson (Whitemouth)/Adam Taylor (Fort Frances), Third place—Erin Gustafson (Fort Frances)/Daniel Liew (Winnipeg);

U16 Mixed Doubles

•Champions—Melissa Liew/Dale Kinley (Wildewood Club), Runners-up—Veronica Lau/Shaun Kirchman (Wildewood Club), Hayley Granger (Warren)/Blair Kaminski (Wildewood Club);

U19 Mixed Doubles

•Champions—Alicia Loucks (Kenora)/Nick Ashworth (Rainy River), Runners-up—Katelyn Makowsky/Shawn Brophy (Kenora), Third place—Sandi Elliot/Tim Desjardins (Fort Frances);

‘A’ Mixed Doubles

•‘A’ champions—Natalie Desjardins (Fort Frances)/Les Gamble (Thunder Bay), ‘A’ runners-up—Manami Alexander (Fort Frances)/Kelly McGuire (Thunder Bay);

•Consolation champions—Salene Gan/Gary Chan (University of Manitoba), Consolation runners-up—Bev Arpin/Guy Arpin (Rainy River);

‘B’ Mixed Doubles

•Champion—Stephan Lau (Winnipeg)/Tina Bear (Fort Frances), Runners-up—Jimmy Ho (Winnipeg)/Yue Lu (Fort Frances), Third place—John McCormack (Fort Frances)/Roxy Millet (Fort Frances)

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