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Rock ’n Wood 4-H club started


The 4-H club Rock ’n Wood was started by Shirley Morrish and Kathy Stahn at the municipal building in Devlin.

The club officers are Jolene Stahn (president), Nicholas Donaldson (vice-president), Samantha Stahn (secretary), and Nathan Zimmerman (press reporter).

The other members are Joshua Zimmerman, Dessa Vlotaros, Corrina Mack, and Julianna Donaldson.

At our first meeting Feb. 4, the first activity we did was rock painting. In this activity, we painted animals like frogs, cats, mice, butterflies, fish, ladybugs, and turtles on rocks.

The assignments we were to do was write a half-page about an animal of their choice, as well as to write a 4-H Me page.

Our second meeting was held Feb. 25 at Shirley’s house, which began with making dough for bannock and then a scavenger hunt.

In this latter activity, club members had to find 16 nature items in Shirley’s yard.

Afterwards, we went skating on the frozen pond. The ice was good on one side but bad on the other.

After that, we ate the bannock we made earlier.

Our third meeting was held March 4 at the Donaldsons’ house, where we built birdhouses for bluebirds.

Henry Miller was the guest speaker and building instructor. After we finished building the birdhouses, we painted them.

The next activity we did was painting flower pots. A lot of designs looked like something we knew of or saw in nature.

Our club will be planting a tree in each pot as soon as the ground warms up.

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