Tuesday, July 28, 2015

DYS to receive board honour

Donald Young School will receive the Rainy River District School Board’s “Recognition of Excellence” for its strength-based approach at the board’s regular meeting there tonight.
“A strength-based approach is a unique perspective for working with people to build resiliency,” noted a report to the board.

“In education, it is about seeing students as possibilities, not problems.
“One of the most important goals is to help students to develop a sense of competence in their abilities, their strengths, so they can experience success,” it added.
It also indicated that strength-based practice is a work-in-progress at Donald Young School, which started about five years ago when “bucket-filling” was implemented.
Now they use a number of different strategies to help build a strength-based culture there.
This year, the school is promoting opportunities for belonging and ownership through strength-based clubs, which engage students with different strengths such as leadership and engineering.
Currently there are five clubs running—Lunchtime Lego, Sew What?, Outers, Student SUPER-visors, and Glee.
“If we can help [students] build their strengths, they will be more hopeful, optimistic, and resilient,” the report stated.
“They will thrive and not just try to survive education.”
Also at tonight’s meeting, the board will:
•hear a presentation about early learning across the district;
•look to approve policy 2.10 (advertising and/or distribution of materials in schools and on board property) and policy 8.09 (procurement) for stakeholder consultation; and
•vote on re-appointing Kim Cross and appointing Daryl Ellis to the Audit Committee as external voluntary members.
The meeting gets underway at 7 p.m. at DYS.

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