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Issue must be addressed

Dear editor:

My thanks to Jeff Tilbury for his letter last week drawing attention to the exploding oxycodone addiction problem in our local communities.

As we all know, the first step in addressing any problem is to acknowledge that it exists.

Each of us needs to help address this issue. Citizens need to report drug-selling in their communities to the police. We physicians need to be more mindful of our unintended role as unwary suppliers to the local oxycodone market, especially when we prescribe hundreds of pills to patients with non-cancer pain.

We also need to be clear with patients about drug diversion and its consequences for our community. Finally, we all need to compassionately acknowledge that addiction touches every one of us directly or indirectly, and support those who need help with an addiction problem.

I would be pleased to see the same kind of energy and support that has been put into the “Just Imagine” CT Scanner fundraising campaign go into establishing a local drug treatment facility.

In fact, I can guarantee that more individual and family lives will be saved.


Ingrid Krampetz, MD

Emo, Ont.

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