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Setting the record straight

Dear editor:

I normally enjoy reading the stock car articles in the district newspapers but one in particular has convinced me that someone has to set the record straight!

In the Fort Frances Times of Wednesday, July 17, written by “Staff,” it says, “Plagued by several delays” and “took some four-and-a-half hours to complete.”

It was a longer night than usual but the facts the Times forgot to mention are that the drivers, the track, and the officials were ready to race at 7:30 p.m., as scheduled. But wanting to accommodate as many people as possible, it was requested (by the grandstand) to postpone the start of the program because of a huge line-up of fans still outside.

(I am sure the fans in the line-up appreciated the club postponing the start so they didn’t miss anything!)

The national anthems were played at 7:50 p.m. and the first heat rolled out at 7:55—with everyone settled in their seats.

The intermission was a few minutes longer than normal in hopes of allowing the fans to not only see the parade, which introduced the six Emo Fair queen contestants, but to allow them time to use the washrooms and canteen.

The regular race program consisted of nine races (109 laps around the track), with eight caution flags and one red flag for a rollover. The attention needed by medical personnel following a rollover such as this one takes time.

Thank you to the ambulance crew for taking the time to be sure we drivers are okay!

Following the regular program, there was an organ donation awareness “powder puff” race (eight laps of the track and not as fast as the regular drivers) and a demolition derby.

The demolition derby was finished at 11 p.m. The whole program, including the longer-than-normal intermission, took three hours and five minutes—not four-and-a-half hours as stated in your paper.

By the way, Gavin Paull is currently the Modified points leader, with Dwayne Pelepetz in second, not Dwayne Pihulak as you had reported.

We love to drive those stock cars, but our mainstay is the fan who come out week after week. I would like to say thank you to the fans for their patience and understanding.

Whether a good call or not, thank you to the Borderland Racing Association for considering the fans by postponing the race start July 13.

On the other hand, it was great to see the article in the paper, “‘Garden of Life’ promotes organ donation,” written by Gary Rusak. It was very well-written and done in a positive light.


Richard Visser

(Street stock #25)

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