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Help, Please

Can I ask people from the Rainy River District to keep remembering all the flood victims in our district, esp. the ones whose houses have been condemned and who need to rebuild or relocate before winter comes?

The funding process for these people has been extremely slow and frustrating. Here is how you can help a great deal.

Please write a fax letter to our minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, the Hon. Chris Hodgson and let him know that people whose houses have been contaminated through the flood are desperate for a quick response of funding.

They need to start building now in order to have a place to live before winter comes.

Please ask him to empower the Northwestern Ontario Disaster Relief Committee 2002 to give the Flood Victims a fair and reasonable settlement. Their lives need to go on.

Please also ask him to set up a disaster relief team in Ontario for any other future disasters. The response, help, and funding has been far too slow.

Thank you so much for your help. Every letter counts.


Jurgen Schmutz

P.S. Chris Hodgson can be reached at 17th Floor, 777 Bay St., Toronto, ON P5G 2F5. His fax number is 1-416-585-6470.

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