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Fire dept. gets many volunteer applications


FORT FRANCES—The call for more volunteer firefighters to apply to the Fort Frances Fire and Rescue Service earlier this month was met with an encouraging response.

Fire Chief Gerry Armstrong said Friday morning a total of 15 applications came in before the deadline last week.

“We had a good response,” he noted. “Monday, we’ll have our first meeting as far as short-lisiting.

“If everything moves along as planned, by the first part of April we should be in the process of contacting successful people and getting them set up with their medicals and all those other things that are required,” Chief Armstrong added.

He said he was very pleased with the number of applicants.

“The number was very good for a volunteer service. I’m pretty excited about it,” he remarked. “Certainly, not all those applications are going to qualify. But we had a good response, and I’m pretty happy about that.”

In related news, Chief Armstrong said local firefighters have not had to battle any serious fires lately. But that doesn’t mean they haven’t been busy in other ways.

“We’re working with the MNR right now,” he noted. “With the dry season ahead of us, we could have some serious situations or scenarios on our hands here if we don’t get some good moisture in the ground.

“In my position, as district fire co-ordinator, I have a role to play in the district, as well,” added Chief Armstrong.

“In addition to that, something we don’t always realize in Fort Frances is we border wildlands on our northern and western boundaries. There could be some serious effects for us this spring.

“We’re monitoring and keeping an eye on things, keeping in touch with the MNR to keep informed about what’s going on in all directions,” Chief Armstrong reiterated.

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