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‘Hay West’ campaign awaiting final tally


The local component of “Hay West” has 500 round bales secured for the cause but is waiting for a final tally in order to secure transportation, said Emo Reeve Russ Fortier, one of the organizers.

“‘Hay West’ wants us to tell them how many rolls we have so they’ll know how many cars we’ll need,” he noted.

Reeve Fortier also hopes to work out how to get the hay bales from all the different fields across the district.

“The farmers aren’t going to do that,” he reasoned, because their hay donations are enough. “People are so great, it’s unbelievable.”

Organizers are hoping the provincial government might donate some money or trucking firms will donate time to transport the hay.

District ag industry workers will meet next week to firm up details on the hay shipment.

As reported in Monday’s Daily Bulletin, Statistics Canada said the 2002 crop year will be remembered as one of the worst growing seasons for western Canada. Many producers believe conditions were the driest ever experienced in the West.

Total wheat production is expected to decline to its lowest level in 28 years. Barley production could fall to a 34-year low, and the canola crop only will reach half of its annual average over the past decade.

Central and northern Saskatchewan and Alberta were hit especially hard with a drought and a heavy grasshopper infestation.

Then in early August, unseasonably cool temperatures dipped below the freezing mark, heralding the potential for an early frost.

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