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‘Rejuvenate’ members complete fitness challenge


For 12 weeks they concentrated on the three M’s—mind, mouth, and muscle.

And these nine women, members of the Rejuvenate Fitness Club in Emo, were able to lose a total of 12.3 percent body fat and 25 inches.

“It’s not by weight, but by how you feel,” explained club owner Gaydonna Baker, who instituted the Body-for-Life Challenge.

“I wanted to do it, but I knew I needed to be challenged,” she said. “I knew if others were doing it, too, I would stick to it and it worked.”

Baker had each participant purchase the book “Body-for-Life for Women” by Pamela Peeke, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.C.P.

Sixteen people signed up to begin the challenge and nine completed the task.

“It’s difficult because you are pretty much on your own,” noted Baker, adding the book guides the participants through each step.

“It’s a wonderful book—and it’s doable,” she stressed.

Baker explained the book starts with the “mind” aspect of health and teaching about the body.

“It breaks down a woman’s body in four sections, where you are sexually,” she indicated, noting the first section is for women in their years between beginning menstruation and their first pregnancy.

The second section is for women in their reproductive years while the third segment takes on the pre-menopause and menopause years. The final portion is for women beyond menopause.

“So you could do it at any age. It goes all the way through,” she remarked. “It explains how the body is working at each of these times in your life.”

Baker said the book talks about how hormones speed up or slow down your metabolism—and what you need to do to get it going again.

“It’s so inspirational,” she stressed. “If someone was feeling like they couldn’t do it anymore, I told them to read the first two chapters again.

“She describes how she was in her late 40s when she decided she had to do something about her body.”

Once the “mind” part is understood, the book concentrates on the “mouth,” or healthy eating.

“It provides an eating plan,” Baker said, adding participants are instructed to eat six meals a day while including “smart” carbs and “smart” protein at each meal.

“And there isn’t any food that’s restricted,” she noted.

Then the “muscle” portion of the challenge focuses on exercise. There are pictures which show different fitness routines, and the participant is advised to choose two exercises for each body part.

Baker said although they talked about how they were doing throughout the 12 weeks, each woman worked on their own—with their own program.

“I’m so happy with the whole challenge,” she enthused last Tuesday night at Rejuvenate when the women met to hear the results of the challenge. “I didn’t expect the tremendous results.”

She explained they started with a fitness test and that each participant had their “before” photos taken. Then their measurements were taken after the 12 weeks were completed.

“Not everyone finished, but that’s okay,” Baker added.

Helen Strachan was deemed the overall winner, losing 8.8 percent body fat and 15.25 inches. Her daughter, Stephanie, lost the most inches otherwise while Glenda Lloyd dropped 2.8 percent of her body fat.

“I really want to thank everyone for doing it,” Baker told the women, who decided they would continue the Body-for-Life Challenge for another 12 weeks.

Baker noted men also can participate in the program as there is a book specific for them, as well.

“Anyone interested can join in,” she remarked. “Although we’ve already started, they’ll just have to work a little harder. It’s really worthwhile to try.”

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