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Take heed

To the editor:

The very possibility of Wal-Mart in our area, anywhere, is dismaying, frustrating, and frightening. Both Fort Frances and International Falls will suffer the loss of a number of businesses, since that behemoth’s very attitude is to sink the little guy who can’t compete.

Folks think that all those “wonderful” bargains are a bonanza. But they don’t stop to think that this giant—the largest private employer in the U.S.—is a veritable Scrooge in its treatment of its employees, and sexist, to boot.

Those “wonderful” bargains are on the backs of the very low-paid workers. Wal-Mart does not give health insurance, or if it does, most employees can’t afford it.

The base wage of $7.50 /hr is really not enough to live on: pay for shelter, pay for transportation to work, pay for child care, pay for health insurance, pay for car, gas and car insurance, and groceries.

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