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Mayor looking to wrap up projects in 2003


“This centennial thing is great.”

That’s how Mayor Glenn Witherspoon described the positive beginning to 2003—a year he says will be about reflecting on the past and building on what was accomplished in 2002.

“The levee was great, and if our entire centennial year is filled with the enthusiasm, the boisterousness the community showed, then it’s going to be a great year,” he noted.

“People are into history mode and I hope it keeps up.”

Centennial celebration aside, Mayor Witherspoon said the town will keep busy wrapping up several projects started in 2002.

“We had the start of the second phase of the waterfront development, and we aim to get that completed by the end of June for the official opening,” he remarked.

“We’re also proceeding on with our condominium project, which was something the town needed,” he added. “It might not be easy to sell the condominiums we’re required to, but it’s part of our agreement.”

He vowed to keep providing residents with the same level of services provided in the past year, adding the town also will focus on “the ongoing need to expand the commercial tax [base].”

“We need to take advantage of the commercial tax limits the province has established and promote more businesses to come here,” the mayor said.

Mayor Witherspoon added the town will continue to pursue landing broadband or DSL service for high-speed Internet, too. “One of the two will come here and make us a competitive area,” he pledged.

While he won’t bid to represent the Progressive Conservatives in the next provincial election, Mayor Witherspoon said running for the town’s top job in the November election is a possibility.

“I really can’t say yes or no. I have quite a few things on my plate, but I can say it’s not out of the question,” he remarked.

The mayor also will continue to chair the regional “Smart Growth” panel as well as sit on the province’s nuisance bear panel.

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