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Centennial painting a group effort


As a visual way for local artists to make their mark in honour of the town’s centennial, museum curator Pam Hawley recently put into motion a group project that will be unveiled at the “Celebration of the Arts” festival here in early June.

Following the theme, “Celebrating Community,” the concept behind the project is to complete one long continuous painting divided into 10 three-foot segments—each of which will be completed in sequence by one or more artists in two-week intervals.

“Linda Lovisa and I had thought of it together,” said Hawley, who also is an artist and chair of the centennial committee. “We’d done it before with the kids’ summer art camp.

“We were thinking of something to do to showcase different artists for the centennial and we thought, ‘Why don’t we do this?’”

Hawley recently completed the first segment of the painting, then turned it over to Terril Pentney and Fran Madigan, who are working on their segment co-operatively.

The artists have two weeks to compete their respective segment. But the catch is, they only get to see about three inches of the edge of the painting preceding their own.

“It should be interesting to see what comes out of it,” said Lovisa, who also will be lending her brush strokes to the project.

“I’ve got several ideas for what I might do. But I guess whatever is left for me to work on will determine what I end up doing,” she added.

As mentioned, the participating artists—as well as the general public—won’t see the completed work until an arts festival June 7 at the Townshend Theatre.

At this time, the painting will be auctioned off, piece by piece, with proceeds going back into the local arts community.

The event will be held in conjunction with the Borderland Community Orchestra’s spring/summer concert.

Hawley noted some details about the arts festival still are being ironed out, but it looks like there also will be a call for prose or poetry for recitations.

“It was Katherine Williams’ [of the Borderland Community Orchestra] idea,” noted Hawley. “They’re always looking for ways to promote the arts between numbers.”

Anyone wanting to offer input on the arts festival, or volunteer their talents, can contact Hawley at 274-7891.

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