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Catholic trustees to perform self-evaluation


The Northwest District Catholic School Board approved the template for a self-evaluation during its monthly meeting here last night.

The board, which conducted a videoconference linked to its Dryden and Sioux Lookout offices, approved both the board and the director of education evaluation templates for use in the coming months.

“It’s as much a learning instrument as an evaluation tool,” board chair Gerry Rousseau said. “It’s an opportunity to reflect on us as a board.”

Trustees are to take the form, answer the questions with a “yes” or “no,” and make any comments they see fit.

“It’s an instrument to generate discussion,” Rousseau added.

“In the policy governance, it suggests the board do that sort of review,” said John Madigan, the board’s CEO and director of education.

The template evolved out of a similar exercise aimed at conducting the annual performance appraisal of the board’s director of education. The template for that evaluation also was discussed.

New trustees Robert van Oort and Harold Huntley felt they probably didn’t have enough experience with the director of education to have any relevant input.

It was suggested they use the exercise to help them become acquainted with issues and make any comments they see fit.

At the board’s December meeting, it was suggested former trustees Cindy Glavish and Cheryl Lovisa also be considered to go through the evaluation process but that idea was overturned last night.

“I don’t think we’ll lose a whole hell of a lot,” said vice-chair Wade Petranik from Dryden of the former trustees’ opinions, adding there are plenty of trustees left to do the evaluation.

“Cindy and Cheryl aren’t trustees any longer,” noted Rousseau, adding only trustees are to perform the evaluation.

Trustees are to answer the questions in both evaluation templates and bring their responses to the board’s February meeting, where they will be reviewed.

The board also decided last night that a committee of the whole to discuss its strategic plan will be scheduled for Friday, March 21.

Chris Howarth, the board’s superintendent of business, also discussed the financial situation of the board since the influx of cash last month that stemmed from recommendations made in the Rozanski report.

He reported the board received $518,430, with the “lion’s share” going to special education, though some was allocated to transportation and salary negotiations.

Petranik asked whether any of that money was earmarked specifically for special education transportation. Howarth replied the report does address this need, but that no money was earmarked for it at the present time.

He did say the board is “completing a very advanced transportation report that will go to the ministry,” adding this report will address such issues.

The report is expected to be completed Friday.

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