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A good start

To the editor:

As one who was around when, in the 1980s, Ontario ended the deposit return system on pop bottles and cans, I am pleased to see that wine and liquor bottles are now returnable.

A deposit return system is a great way to increase the value and quantity of recycled glass in Ontario. And for those who wish to continue putting their LCBO bottles in the Blue Box, the 10- or 20-cent deposit becomes your share of the cost of Blue Box recycling.

Can a better system be designed? Absolutely, and I look forward to improvements.

Plastic promotional bags may give way to biodegradable bags or more durable nylon or canvas bags. And restaurants that deal with high volumes of bottles could have a standard plastic stackable rack that easily can be transported in Beer Store trucks.

Even further down the road, I look forward to the day when the LCBO has the infrastructure in place to handle returns in their own stores, and when wine bottles are re-used up to 20 times just like beer bottles.

The transition to a conserver society will not happen overnight. We need to embrace each new positive step forward and then immediately look to how we can make it even better.


Chris Winter

Executive Director,

The Conservation

Council of Ontario

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