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Welcome to Canada?

Dear sir:

I have owned Birch Point Camp for 22 years now, and it is very confusing and disheartening to see how our government has been hammering us down every step of the way.

The laws are always changing and making it almost impossible to keep our resorts open. We struggle to get people to come to Canada in the summer and winter, then some stupid law comes along made up by someone with their heads up their you know what and chases some more of our guests away.

Yes, I realize that some of the people who are refused entry to Canada or that are charged with something are guilty, and are a risk to Canada, but I will say only of a very small percent.

These laws put our Customs officials in a bad spot and to do their job, they have to refuse entry or go to some other form of authority.

Last weekend, we had a group of four men with two pickups coming to camp. No one was told—not even the resort owners—that as of Jan. 14, 2003, no wax worms would be allowed into Canada.

This is the number-one bait used for winter crappie fishing and, yes, all our guests bring wax worms with them because they aren’t available to buy here.

These guests were refused entry and told to take the worms back to the U.S. side and dispose of them. They had just paid the $6 toll to get across a few minutes earlier and one truck had to pay again when they crossed back over.

Good luck in getting these men back to Canada to help our economy—and help us so we can expand or even keep what we have and hire students at our resort next summer.


Dale LaBelle

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