Friday, July 31, 2015

Lagoon incident caused by acid

An incident involving acid getting into the mill’s treatment system has been addressed and won’t have a serious impact on operations.
Xavier Van Chau, director of communications and corporate social responsibility for Resolute, said there was a procedural error Monday in which a valve for sulphuric acid was left open.

The acid overflowed into the mill’s sewer system and then went into its treatment system (lagoon).
“There was no environmental incident from this,” Van Chau noted.
“It was all contained within our system.”
Van Chau said the high pH balance from the acid was killing the micro-organisms (commonly called “bugs”) in the lagoon, but mill staff were able to address the pH balance “before it became problematic.”
“I think the positive news is that we’ve been able to mitigate the issue, addressing it with work at the mill, and we don’t foresee having any operational issues as an outcome from that development and that procedural error,” Van Chau said.
The investigation of the incident has been completed and procedures have been adjusted accordingly.

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