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More condo owners moving in


With contractors still working steady to get the job done, more and more of the 17 sold units at the new River Walk condominium on Front Street are cleared for occupancy every week.

“At this time, we have eight owners who have either moved in, or are moving in by the day’s end,” Fort Frances CAO Bill Naturkach said Friday. “We’re really excited now.

“We’re near the end of what’s been a long, long journey.”

All of the sold units should be ready for occupancy in the next couple of weeks, with construction then to wrap up on the display suite and finally the unsold units.

Some of the unsold ones will meet the standards of the basic package while others will be left only partly finished to allow for any modifications prospective owners might want.

Work on the sold suites has been priorized as to how soon the owners would like to—or must—move in, said Naturkach, noting some of them live in the U.S. and are in no hurry to move here this winter.

But while the sold units are shaping up, the fact remains there still are 15 units that are unsold.

As part of the deal to build the condominiums in the first place, both the town and developer Penn-co Construction Canada Ltd. agreed to be financially responsible for selling a certain number of units—the town still has to find buyers for 11 while Penn-co must sell four.

While a deal hasn’t quite been done, Naturkach also noted the town and Penn-co are looking to “pool” the 15 unsold units, meaning the parties will not be in direct competition to sell the units for which they’re responsible.

Naturkach said the prospects of selling those units are improving day by day.

“The brokers have been getting calls regularly. They’ve been showing off the finished units,” he remarked. “The interest is there, and some people have been making serious appointments to consider buying units.”

While the public currently can only view the inside of the condo through an appointment with a real estate broker, there will be an open house in the near future, which hopefully will pique potential buyers’ interests, added Naturkach.

“When they get to see the finished product, I think people will really start to talk,” he said, noting they then might realize the benefits of a condo lifestyle.

“For instance, one of the buyers is returning from Las Vegas this weekend. They can leave at their convenience, and their home is taken care of. They don’t have to worry about it,” said Naturkach.

“That’s the convenience of it. I know I’m envious of it.”

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