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Open your wallets

Dear Mr. Editor:

Anybody who builds structures, (houses, roads, bridges, etc.) uses a standard to measure distances. Here in North America, the “English standard” system is prevalent.

Imagine if someone would arbitrarily switch from one standard to another and mix the two, or use his/her own standard. It would be impossible to build a decent structure by this method of mixings of standards.

It would be chaos!

Many governments in the world came down hard on the tobacco companies and made them pay hefty fines and restitution to individuals who suffered health problems because of the use of their products.

The tobacco companies were faulted 100 percent for the health problems of the people who suffered.

Now, transfer this standard (i.e., making tobacco companies 100 percent responsible) into the pollution of the environment scenario. The pollutions from the oil companies, and the usage of their products, cause all kinds of health problems to humans.

It’s stated that in Toronto alone, about 4,000 people die every year because of air pollution.

Again, governments made the tobacco companies 100 percent responsible for health problems of individuals who used tobacco products voluntarily or involuntarily. Do governments make the oil companies 100 percent responsible for the health problems of individuals who use their products, too?

If not, this is “double standard” (a.k.a. hypocrisy!)

When the tobacco companies were in the hot seat, “they” had a problem but when it comes to the environment, “we” have a problem. The oil companies are shifting the blame (thanks to the well-paid politicians and militant do-gooders) to the people, so the people will be forced to pay fines, fees, and “conversions.”

A clever money-making tactic, indeed, but not new! Remember the “hole in the ozone layer” scam? That was the “pilot” and it “worked” without a flaw!

There is more freon manufactured in China and India today than ever before but Dupont lost the sole right to manufacture R-34 and it is big enough to bully any government to adopt its “new standard” of R-138, so you are forced to convert!

It should be noted here that “global warming, “climate change,” and “environmental change/pollution” are three different kinds of “animals.” The first one is a pseudo science fact, the second is a natural cycle, and the third is a condition of the environment.

Well, open your wallets, people, and pay to the “global warming” hucksters and do-gooders! You can afford it! The decisions are made “behind closed doors” in secret and, of course, everything is done “for your protection.”

“Trust me!”

Thank you,

Andrew Szell

Fort Frances, Ont.

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