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Demeaning insult

Dear editor:

Please read carefully the following resolution adopted at a recent Liberal convention:

Resolution #42

“Whereas automatic and semi-automatic weapons are illegal for hunting purposes; and

“Whereas automatic and semi-automatic weapons do not support the hunting culture found in all parts of Canada:

“Be it resolved that the Liberal Party of Canada urges the government of Canada to support legislation to eliminate the personal use of automatic and semi-automatic weapons.”

Most citizens of Canada, but I in particular, am totally appalled and offended by this inaccurate and offensive resolution. First off, the continued calling of firearms as weapons immediately stigmatizes all legal firearms owners as dangerous weapon-totting criminals.

The fact that this resolution was supported by the attending Liberal delegates underlines and emphasizes the Liberal party’s on-going failure to recognize and understand the simple fact that legal, law-abiding firearms owners are not the problem, nor should they be victimized unjustly without exhibiting any criminal action.

It is in the commission of a crime that a firearm, knife, baseball bat, or other objective fairly may be designated a weapon.

This resolution, approved under the president of the Liberal Party of Canada, Marie Poulin, should be considered a grave and demeaning insult to every law-abiding citizen of Canada.

And yes, this resolution is blatantly and deliberately misleading and inaccurate. If the Liberal powers that be had taken the time and care to refer to their own badly-flawed, ineffective, and fiscally-irresponsible Bill C-68, they would have seen that semi-automatic firearms, which are not classified as restrictive, are perfectly legal for hunting in all parts of Canada.

Semi-automatic center-fire rifles are used for deer, moose, or coyote hunting, or target shooting in all parts of Canada. To deliberately distort reality, as this resolution has done, calls into question this party’s honesty, intent, or direction.

I can’t predict how the rest of the citizens in Canada will vote in the next federal election, but I can tell what party I will not be voting for.

I hope you will cast your ballet and encourage others to vote to ensure such a philosophy and process, as evidenced above, is not permitted to continue in our democratic country.


Hal Wilmering

Dryden, Ont.

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