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Exterior of Emo’s water treatment plant to be fixed


After reviewing the year-end financial statements for water and sewer, Emo Reeve Ed Carlson has determined there are enough funds to refurbish the exterior of the water treatment plant located near the waterfront there.

The project is set to take place this year, once the weather is favourable.

Not only will the exterior be repainted, it also will be adorned with a safety logo, which will be painted on the south side of the building facing Lions Park and the river.

“We were holding off on the mural on the outside because it would be nice to get the whole thing done at the same time, while you’ve got someone on the job,” Reeve Carlson said, adding the funds weren’t there in previous years.

“Then once we get it finished, then we can do the mural.”

The idea of the safety logo was brought forward several years ago. With a grant offered through a program at the Northwestern Health Unit, as well as community donations, there was enough money for the logo.

But the project was halted when it was discovered the area where the logo was to be painted would need to be sandblasted and repainted first. In fact, the entire exterior of the plant needed to be upgraded.

The grant from the Northwestern Health Unit and the donations continue to be reserved for the project.

The crew also will attempt to restore the shed with a new roof this year since the maintenance dollars are available.

“With any painting job, there will be some scraping to get rid of loose paint that is chipping or peeling off and then we’ll go from there,” Reeve Carlson explained, adding the logo will promote safety in the community.

“Safe and Sober boating is one of the messages that will be on there and then we’ll also put the town logo on there, as well,” he noted.

He also said the water treatment plant is a good location for a logo.

“It’s handy, you can see it from the water, and it can leave a good strong message because it’s very visible,” he stressed. “We’re perfectly suited with a perfect billboard right there down by the water, so it just was a good idea and will work out well for us.”

Reeve Carlson also is happy to be able to get the project done this year.

“It’s something that will make the park look a lot nicer with it spruced up a bit,” he remarked. “We’re trying to improve little things around the town where we can and that’s certainly a building we can spruce up a little bit.”

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