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A challenge

Dear editor:

Here is a challenge to the “Re-inventing Fort Frances” committee.

I fully agree with the concept of your goals; which I believe are ultimately to have more travellers who cross the border here to stop and spend some time and money in downtown Fort Frances.

If this happens, every resident will benefit in some way.

Here is my challenge to you: In a “vehicle,” start at the Customs area with the desire and intention of stopping to shop, browse, whatever!

But the vehicle must either be a full-size pickup towing a 18-24 foot boat, the same truck, maybe with dual rear wheels, towing a 25-35 foot camper trailer, or a motor home 30-40 feet long towing either a boat or car behind.

I think 75 percent of the vehicles coming through Customs here in the summer are like one of the above type.

My point should be obvious: Without available pull-thru parking for these types of vehicle, anything else you do may be a waste of resources? The empty lot just east of Customs, for instance, is in the perfect location for this.

Hopefully the whole plan will come together. Good luck.


Bob Conlon

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