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Recycling needed

Dear editor:

We were very disappointed to pull up to the recycling depot [in Alberton] and find a barrier obstructing the entrance. We did hear a rumour a while back that it was closed but were hoping it was not true.

When we moved to Alberton five years ago, we were very impressed that this small municipality was making the effort where there was no legislation dictating to recycle. It received about 30 percent of our wastes, mostly paper products about once a week.

Our children became quite familiar with the distinction between what we could recycle and where the products went.

We are sure the reason Alberton council chose to close the recycling depot was one of economics. We keep hearing in the media that recycling does not pay. Well, neither does landfilling.

If it costs money to do both, we would prefer our tax dollars support an activity that does not use up valuable land for such an expensive, limited, unproductive activity as a landfill.

The Fort Frances Times reported the municipality would have to charge an $11 annual tax to the 948 ratepayers of Alberton. That would be far too expensive to support when there are so many municipal priorities.

We do not share this opinion. Our costs to add the 30 percent of former recyclables to the volume we truck to the landfill is far more than that on an annual basis. It costs more to waste.

In spite of the economic argument, the far greater point is to teach the next generation to reduce their impact on the environment and resources. Recycling is part of that solution.

We are sure not all of the ratepayers in Alberton have used the recycling depot. It would be interesting to survey the ratepayers to see how many of them support the council’s decision.

We would be willing to pay more than $11 a year. It is one part of my tax load that is well worth the investment.

We hope the municipal council receives a deluge of response from ratepayers demanding the re-opening of recycling services in Alberton. We hope they take another look at recycling products and find the right mix of service and value.

We hope at least some form of recycling is offered.

Yours truly,

Tony, Lynn, Dana,

and Kaila Elders

R.R. #1, Fort Frances, Ont.

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