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Vision needed


One hundred years ago, the town council of the day, in incorporating Fort Frances, felt great optimism for the community and the region that surrounded it.

They saw the potential of the forests, the rivers, the lakes, and the minerals. And that first council realized that with the wealth of its natural resources, Fort Frances would be good community in which to raise families.

Their optimism about the potential of the community has been proven. Sawmills grew, and were followed by the paper mill. Other jobs followed and soon Fort Frances became the regional centre of Rainy River district, with courts, hospitals, and social services following.

Tourists also discovered our lakes and rivers—and Fort Frances quickly became a jumping off spot for visitors from the U.S. Midwest to discover.

This Friday, the current town council will take part in a re-enactment of that first council meeting which established our community a century ago. It is a time for this council to affirm the decisions of that first council.

This Friday evening also is the opportunity for the current council to announce its vision for the community’s future for the next 100 years. It is their moment to tell the community where they see its potential for job creation—and for raising families.

While the community can—and should—celebrate its past, it must look to its future and make plans for that future. This Friday, the current council can begin the process by telling the community about its vision for the next 100 years.

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