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Grateful thanks

Dear sir:

While returning to Fort Frances on a trip from Ear Falls on Sunday, March 14, our vehicle broke down. By necessity, we had to pull off the road on a curve about two km north of Sioux Narrows.

Several vehicles stopped to see if they could be of assistance. Jane Allen of Emo, who was with us in Ear Falls, stopped and took three of the passengers to Fort Frances.

A half-ton driven by Doug Davis stopped and helped us move our vehicle to a safe location in Sioux Narrows off of the highway.

At the same time, a young lady named Sandy Salvador, who was informed of our predicament, arrived to take the remaining three of us to the Crystal Harbour resort, making our wait for a ride most comfortable (our driver already had phoned Fort Frances for assistance).

It is nice to know chivalry still resides in Sioux Narrows.

To all who stopped, North Air Taxi, Jane, Doug, and Sandy, thank you!


R.M. Boland


Royal Canadian

Legion Br. #29,

Fort Frances, Ont.

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