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Will nobody speak out?

Dear sir:

Like many Canadians, I was quite disgusted when I saw the brawl on Vancouver ice.

Initially, I condemned the attacker and expected a stiff penalty as a result of this incident. But when later I got a glimpse of a press conference and heard a representative of the Vancouver Canucks express his views, it all came back to me that years ago I heard Scott Oake describe a very good defensive player as not reaching his full potential unless he would get meaner.

I was flabbergasted and never forgot what was said.

At the press conference that I mentioned above, the requirements were listed for today’s hockey players. What?? I began to feel sorry for the attacker. I don’t condone his action, far from it, but who is to blame?

Why has the game of hockey deteriorated to this level that when a body is thrown against the boards, you wonder why no penalties result. Why did nobody leave the arena in protest after the above incident? Was there no father or mother who would say: “Let’s get out of here, kids, this is not the way hockey should be played.”

The answer is simple. We just love it. We, as fans, are to blame. The players are told how the game should be played by the staff behind the bench and when a player hardly can get up after a bone-crashing hurl against the board, we say, “Good check.” Are we better than anyone else?

I have not seen the movie, “The Passion of Christ” but I have read “The Book” time and time again. I know how soldiers behave when they make fun of a prisoner.

I’ve seen the gruesome pictures of the Somali affair where Canadian soldiers played with their victim. Besides, I have been a prisoner myself.

Like all mankind, we are capable of evil. We said nothing when six million Jews were murdered by the Nazis. We say nothing when, by the millions, the unborn are removed as so many blobs.

And when we have to make up our mind whether the word marriage is going to be shared with people of the same sex, will we vote the party in that promotes that view? Is the family no longer sacred?

Does nobody want to speak out?

Next time there is a brawl on the ice, just get up and leave. That should do the trick—but that takes guts.


Len Hettinga

Emo, Ont.

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