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Keep full-time firefighters

To the editor:

Now the Fort Frances Fire Department is under attack from our new town council. Rumours are flying from two or three positions removed to going to a totally volunteer force.

Let’s address a total volunteer department. Who are the volunteers going to be? The men whose livelihood you just took away. Somehow I can’t see that.

The current volunteers? Let’s be honest, some of the volunteers are there hoping they can get the training to be considered for full-time position when one becomes available.

Who will train these volunteers? The men whose jobs you took away. Once again, I can’t see that.

Our fire department does not just sit at the fire hall waiting for calls. They are actively involved in the community with safety and prevention programs in the schools and community.

They inspect businesses and industry to make sure fire codes are followed, and that our community is a safe place to live in.

The members are trained as first responders and many times are the first on the scene of injury call.

These are men who willing put their lives on the line everyday to ensure the safety of this community and surrounding area. They now need your support.

Tell our town council we need to keep our full-time department.


Veronica LeBlanc

Fort Frances, Ont.

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