Thursday, April 17, 2014

Blinking lights on riverfront repaired

The LED lights along the riverfront no longer are “on the blink.”
Last week, the Fort Frances Power Corp. repaired and re-installed the series of lights stretching from La Verendrye Hospital to just before the Sorting Gap Marina.

The lights had been experiencing a malfunction in which they periodically would blink off and on—a problem reported to the lights’ manufacturer early this fall but which took the company some time to identify and fix.
Specifically, the manufacturer determined a new “driver module” they were using, which is “the brains” of the light and responsible for turning it on and off, wasn’t working.
Travis Rob, the town’s facility/special project co-ordinator, said the proper replacement parts were received, and the FFPC replaced parts on all of the LED lights that are installed along the riverfront.
They also now have parts for the other LED lights which will be installed in future.
“They’ll all get fixed before they’re put up,” noted Rob.
Now that the town is sure the LED lights won’t start blinking again, the ongoing project to replace high-pressure sodium streetlights with LED ones along the waterfront can be completed.

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