Sunday, April 20, 2014

Devlin business to continue a family tradition

It now belongs to another family but regardless, the former Greensides General Store in Devlin will carry on with a family tradition.
“It’s always been a family business—and we certainly have enough family who are willing to help out,” said Robin Payeur, who, along with her husband, Joey, recently purchased the store at 4 Main St. from Murnie Allan and Pam Bujold.

“It’s something to do together,” she added. “Something for retirement, which is frighteningly close, and something to hand down to our kids and grandkids.
“We are going to build memories here.”
Greensides was a part of Bujold’s family since 1946, but last year she and Allan started talking about selling the business—and Payeur pondered the idea of taking it on.
“It just sounded right to us,” she remarked, adding she approached the Rainy River Future Development Corp. for assistance.
“They were a huge help,” Payeur stressed. “They walked us through the stages.
“We couldn’t have done it without them.”
The Payeurs officially took possession of the store last Wednesday, but Bujold and Allan still will be around—at least until the end of the month—to show the new owners the ropes.
Robin Payeur, who currently works at Causeway Insurance, has a background in business, having taken it in college.
“But that was a long time ago,” she admitted. “It’s a huge learning curve.
“And Pam has been phenomenal, showing us everything from where the light switches are to how to make coffee,” she added.
Allan and Bujold also plan to open up Greensides Wild Meat Processing just across the road in the near future.
While the new owners had planned to keep the name of Greensides, Bujold decided she preferred to retire the name and let the business have a fresh start.
“I never knew it was called Main Street,” Payeur said about the store’s location on Highway 613 South (just off Highway 11/71).
So they choose to rename the business “Main Street Market.”
Despite the new name, the store will continue to offer all the same items, which often has been called a one-stop shop due to the variety.
“It’s truly a general store,” Payeur remarked. “We have everything from greeting cards and Christmas wrap to plumbing supplies, paint, and groceries.”
The business also will continue to operate the coffee shop, which offers breakfast and lunch items.
Payeur did, however, say she and her husband have some changes planned—one of which will be to expand to a full-size restaurant sometime in the future.
The coffee shop currently has just three tables, with enough room to seat 12 at any one time.
But they’d like to add on to the building to allow for more space.
She added they also plan to tackle some interior renovations this winter and some exterior work in the spring.
As well, they now offer free wi-fi and want to have more tourist information on hand.
The couple also plans to erect some new signage, with the store’s new name, which will be designed by Mark and Cher Pruys.
“We don’t want people to be worried that with new owners, the values will disappear,” stressed Joey Payeur, who will remain as sports reporter for the Fort Frances Times.
“We cherish and value the same things,” he noted. “We want to keep that tradition.
“We are just asking for a chance to prove that we can deliver good service, good quality products, and a good meal.”
“The core values will remain the same,” echoed Robin Payeur.
“We’re committed to the community and will continue to offer the same great customer service.”
She also wants to continue providing a welcoming atmosphere.
“The door is always open and the coffee pot is always on,” she said.
While both will continue with their full-time jobs (hers at Causeway Insurance and his here at the Times), they are committed to making their new venture a success.
“It’ll take some juggling but we’ll make it work,” Robin Payeur vowed. “We have a big family who are always willing to lend a hand.
“They have been tremendously supportive,” she enthused.
Payeur, meanwhile, encourages everyone to stop in and check out “Main Street Market.”
“You can’t miss us,” she remarked.
“Main Street Market” will be open Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m.-6 p.m., and Saturdays from 6:30 a.m.-2 p.m.

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