Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Town to buy exercise equipment

The town will buy some new equipment for the aerobic room at the Memorial Sports Centre.
Council approved a report from Community Services manager Jason Kabel at last night’s regular meeting, authorizing him to buy a new tread-climber from Pulse Fitness at a cost of $10,965 plus tax.

The town also will buy out the lease with Pulse Fitness for two treadmills currently at the Memorial Sports Centre at a cost of $3,497 plus tax.
The three-year lease agreement for the two treadmills was up this year, and the Community Services executive committee recommended the town buy the treadmills instead of renewing the lease.
Funds for the purchases will come from reserves.
Coun. Ken Perry voted against the resolution, noting he can’t see the town shelling out the cash for a new tread-climber.
“With the financial difficulties we’re going to be facing next year with the new budget, I can’t support purchasing a new tread-climber,” he remarked.
“I can see buying out the pieces of the equipment that we have for the [$3,497],” Coun. Perry added.
“But to spend another $10,900 on a new piece of equipment? I can’t support that.”
But Coun. Andrew Hallikas disagreed, saying that if the town is going to run a fitness facility, it has to keep current or they will start “bleeding” users.
“The aerobic equipment gets used probably more than any other equipment, and people like to see the equipment kept current, and also that we keep up with any new advances,” he noted.
“I think it’s money well-spent and we’ll be reimbursed in terms of membership,” Coun. Hallikas added.
Coun. Rick Wiedenhoeft said he felt the same way.
Also at last night’s meeting, council:
•heard a presentation from June Caul, vice-chair of the Assisted Living Action Group (A.L.A.G.), and Darryl Galusha, director of senior services and administration at Rainycrest Long-Term Care, re: an A.L.A.G. update and plans for moving forward (council agreed to meet with the group in January to further discuss the matter);
•heard a presentation from Geoff Gillon, regional economic developer with the Rainy River Future Development Corp., re: its quarterly activity report;
•proclaimed January as “Alzheimer Awareness Month” in the Town of Fort Frances; and
•appointed Jennifer Horton, owner of Curvy Chick, to the BIA board of management for a term ending Nov. 30, 2014.

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