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Parkway nears completion


Phase II of the La Verendrye Parkway is almost complete—ready for a summer full of waterfront fun in this the town’s centennial year.

“It’s right on target,” said Bruce Spottiswood, acting manager of Operations and Facilities. “The deadline for completion is Sunday.” At present, he noted the walking paths are in, the bicycle path has been paved, and almost all of the sod has been laid.

“By tomorrow afternoon, the sod should be complete,” he added.

Spottiswood admitted there is some issue with some trees that were planted and didn’t survive the winter that won’t be replaced by the deadline.

“We have some warranty issues with some trees,” he noted. “One type of tree didn’t make it through the winter; a silver maple or maple cross.”^He added that because they had been planted and died, they still count as complete and meet the deadline, though they will be replaced under warranty by the construction company, George Armstrong Co. Ltd.

Spottiswood also said one section of lamps, nearest the hospital, will not have power to them for a couple of weeks due to the roadway construction that began this past Monday.

“That’s an entirely separate project,” he said. “The construction of the road started Monday.

“All the old asphalt is out down to just east of the condos.”^Armstrong also won the tender to do the roadway construction, being the low bid.

Spottiswood said the under grade of the roadway already is being removed and will be completely replaced. He also noted that new sidewalks, as well as curbs and gutters, would be put in as the road is being constructed.

“We’re putting everything new in,” he remarked. “New curb and gutter [on the north side], too.

“At that time, we’ll allow for new entrances along that side,” he added, noting that would include entrances for the new hospital parking lot that is part of the expansion there.

“We’re putting a sidewalk down to Armit Avenue [from the hospital] down that side, too,” he said.

Spottiswood said the deadline for the roadway construction is July 15, and admitted it may cause some problems for the grand-opening of the La Verendrye Parkway on July 1.

“For the grand-opening on July 1, we’ll have to make it as presentable as possible,” he said.

Still, Spottiswood said he is very happy with the way things turned out with the parkway.

“It’s something for the town to be proud of. It’s a little more unique,” he said. “It’s not like the other section that’s so straight.”^He admitted the “curvy” nature of the parkway along Phase II could cause problems getting the larger lawn mowers and other equipment in for working.

“It will be harder to maintain,” he noted.

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