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Former Devlin resident to sing national anthems


Susie Grynol, 23, will be faced with a chance of a lifetime when she steps to the microphone to sing the national anthems at a game between the Toronto Blue Jays and host Baltimore Orioles on Aug. 21.

Grynol, who now lives in Ottawa, landed the honour after winning a singing contest there earlier this year.

The contest—co-sponsored by the Ottawa Lynx ‘AAA’ baseball team—drew nearly 60 contestants ranging in age from six to 62. It was held ‘a capella,’ and reminded Grynol of the TV show “Canadian Idol” in the way it was structured.

“It really was nothing different. There were three judges, you sang your [piece], and then waited,” she recalled, noting there were three groups of contestants and five finalists.

“I really did not think that I would win—I was shocked,” Grynol stressed during a phone interview from the nation’s capital last week. “There were some amazing voices.”

Then again, Grynol is no stranger to delivering great vocal performances. Aside from university studies in politics, history, English, and French that she’s been pursuing for the last five years, she’s also been her fine-tuning her singing career.

She does vocal contract work for recording artists, commercials, and TV shows, sings in nightclub gigs, and directs a choir on campus. But with the big audience coming up later this month in Maryland, her nerves are a bit on edge.

“I have sung national anthems but not for baseball and not for a major league baseball,” said Grynol. “I’m used to 5,000-10,000 people maybe, but 40,000 people definitely stresses me out.”

Her parents, Betty and Bob Grynol of Devlin, will be among the crowd next Saturday afternoon.

In fact, Bob Grynol, who also runs Devlin Water Conditioning, will break his 22-year record of attendance as a vendor in the Farm Progress Building during the annual Emo fair in favour of baseball.

“I feel so bad [but] what are you going to do—family comes first,” he reasoned.

The Blue Jays/Orioles game begins at 3:35 p.m. (CDT) on Aug. 21.

(Fort Frances Times)

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