Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Kids, parents explore First Lego attraction

VAUGHAN, Ont.—Canada’s first Lego attraction is officially open.
Parents and kids explored the Legoland Discovery Centre at the Vaughan Mills mall north of Toronto today, roaming through the sprawling playground-like space.

The 34,000 sq. ft. facility is devoted to the toy building blocks—and it’s meant to be experienced hands-on.
Graeme Dymond, the centre’s master model maker, said playing with the colourful plastic bricks could inspire budding engineers.
“They can learn about gears and axles, velocity, and acceleration,” Dymond noted as he watched over the crowd.
“There’s an earthquake model over there that will teach kids how to build sturdy bases for buildings,” he added.
Today’s young visitors flocked to a racetrack where they built Lego cars and slid them down a ramp.
Their parents seemed more impressed with Miniland, an interactive replica of the Greater Toronto Area.
The display includes model versions of several major landmarks, including the CN Tower and Toronto city hall.
Admission is free for children under two and costs $18 for those up to age 13.
Adults pay $22 and must be accompanied by kids.

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