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Unfair practice

Dear sir:

I’m sure nobody appreciates it when the snowplow goes by and fills in the end of their driveway. Living here, this is something we have to accept if we want our roads clean and although I don’t like it, I have no problem doing my share to keep the streets safe.

I do not, however, feel I should have to shovel out my neighbour’s snow.

The snowplow came down my street Sunday and stopped in front of the condominiums. He backed up several times, cutting into their driveway and took all the snow to the centre of the road. Then he pushed it down the street—filling my driveway up.

I had a four-foot pile in my driveway and there was nothing in front of the condo at all.

During another storm, I saw him push the snow to the corner of the road and then, on his return, pushed it into the driveway across the street. I am curious as to why this driver figures it’s okay for my neighbour or myself to have to shovel out their snow.

Does the town have some deal with the condo units to keep their drive clean or does somebody in authority have a friend he is trying to help or impress who lives in this building?

Either way, it’s not fair for myself or my neighbour to have to shovel this extra snow.

I would suggest that in the future, if the town is going to keep the drive clean, for whatever their reason, they push the snow further down the street.

They have the empty lot they bought for the construction companies to use, so why not push the snow there as nobody lives there any more anyway.


Peter York

Fort Frances, Ont.

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