Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Snow sculpture contest puts out call for teams

The community snow sculpture contest has returned for a second year.
All that’s needed now is people to carve the white stuff.

The contest is set to take place in the field between the East End Hall and former Huffman School, with the sculpting to begin Tuesday, March 5 and end on Sunday, March 10.
Organizer Samantha Manty, who is doing a student placement at the Fort Frances Museum, said the site has several benefits.
“We feel there’s easier access to the event if it’s held there,” she explained. “[And] community members will be more likely to come out and support the event because they only have one area to visit.
“Last year, it was a little more difficult, I feel, having to go to different areas of the town,” Manty added.
“Here, it’s more central.”
Having just one location “creates a sense of community,” said Manty, pointing out the artists will be able to work together, as well as share tools and advice.
They also will be able to access the nearby East End Hall to warm up their hands or use the washrooms.
The contest also will include a “family day” on Saturday, March 9, where people will be encouraged to come by and not only see the sculptures being built and cheer on the artists, but go skating on the nearby rink, slide on a hill, and have hot chocolate.
Of course, there can’t be a contest without teams.
“People seem real supportive of it this year,” said Manty. “They seem to like the idea that it’s community-based, a kind of community project.
“We have a couple people who are showing interest in actually doing the carving, so that’s pretty good.
“But we are going to be looking for more,” she stressed. “The main thing is we are encouraging anyone to come out and give it a try.”
While it is being billed as a “friendly competition,” Manty said she’s planning on having a prize for “Judge’s Choice” and one for “Fan Favourite.”
“We’re encouraging business, teams of students, families, friends—whoever wants to get out there and give it a try and not be shy,” she enthused.
“When else will you get a chance to have an 8’x8’x8’ cube of snow ready for you to just try on.”
Manty is hoping to have six teams signed up by the end of this week.
The theme is “Our Community.”
“There’s a lots things you can do with that; a lot of directions you can go,” Manty noted.
“So hopefully [contestants] will find that theme interesting.”
There is no cost to participate. All participants need to do is fill out a simple registration form, including a team name and a basic sketch of what they’re going to create.
Teams will be given an information package on snow carving, such as which tools work best.
As noted, teams can start working on sculptures on Tuesday, March 5 and must finish by March 10.
Manty said the snow for the sculptures will be blown into cube forms prior to the contest starting, so teams do not have to worry about making their own cube.
However, volunteers are welcome. Jobs could include set-up and take-down of boxes, or helping out during the “family day” on March 9.
“If people want to help out, we will definitely find things for them to do,” said Manty. “Volunteers are always welcome.”
To sign up to participate, or to volunteer or otherwise support the contest, drop by the museum, call Manty at 274-7891, or e-mail

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