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FFHS alumni association in the works


In an effort to help fund student activities, some Fort High grads are working to get an alumni association off the ground here—with the first meeting planned for Wednesday night (June 14).

“People understand that high school activities, not just sports, are badly strapped for cash,” noted Gord Taggart, who is part of the alumni association steering committee along with Paul Sveinson, Barney Maher, Rick Wiedenhoeft, Steve Kosowick, Norm Guenette, Carol Lyons, and several others.

“The good old days really were the good old days, when the money was available. Things have changed,” added Taggart.

“A lot of other places have them. They’re big in the states, and can do lot for a school.

“It’s not just for sports,” Taggart stressed. “It could be for anything—chess clubs, drama club, anything.

“We’ve already talked to the Touchdown Club and the Muskie Blueline Club—we’re not trying to take money away from them,” he noted. “But if you’re on the curling team or the badminton team, it’s a different story.

“We’re looking to help everybody in the high school,” Taggart said.

The group’s first meeting is set for Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the FFHS library. All interested alumni are welcome to attend.

“We’re looking for input as to how this thing should be run,” Taggart said. “We’ve got a lot of things to iron out.”

Details such as how much to charge for memberships, and possible annual events such as a golf tournament, all are up for discussion.

Taggart said the group already has spoken with FFHS principal Gord McCabe and got the go-ahead to form the association. They’ve also talked with several past athletic directors and other retired teachers to get their involvement.

The group eventually will be developing a mission statement and constitution, and has someone lined up to develop and maintain a website for them, noted Taggart.

“We’re well on our way. It’s going to go. We just don’t know how long it’s going to take,” he conceded. “Hopefully, we’re operational by the fall. That would be pretty good in my estimation.”

The steering committee also has a list of about 1,500 grads, and will be sending a mail-out in the near future to notify alumni of the new association.

Taggart said the association would like those alumni, in turn, to send in names and information regarding other alumni not on their list in order to increase their database.

“We’re really going to push for people to use e-mail. It’s a killer mailing stuff out,” he noted.

Looking a little further down the road, Taggart said he and the others trying to get the association off the ground see themselves as more of a steering committee.

Once things get up and running, they would like to see it run by parents of current students or recent graduates—particularly parents who are Fort High alumni themselves.

(Fort Frances Daily Bulletin)

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