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Thank you

Dear editor:

I must start out by thanking Duane Hicks for his article in last Wednesday’s Times, “Fire chief taking new job.”

This letter, though, is dedicated to the men and women of the Fort Frances Fire and Rescue Service. These proud and devoted people merit a special thank you.

A manager is nothing without the support and commitment of his/her staff. Although many have spoken to me on the “things I have accomplished” over the past six years, it must be understood that it was not a solo run.

The full-time staff, the backbone of our service, when not attending emergency scenes, training, or working on routine day-to-day functions, have spent countless hours on program development, implementation, and delivery.

This professional group has provided the knowledge and individual expertise to make our programs what they are, and the town the fire safe community that you live in.

Supplementing the full-time members is a strong and dedicated core of volunteers. The volunteer firefighters not only respond to emergency calls, but also assist the department with fire prevention and public education events.

They train hard and give many hours away from family and loved ones.

The debates, the many meetings, the countless hours spent on emergency planning, revising training programs, emergency response, and prevention/education activities by these people have made this department what it is today.

To the full-time and volunteer staff of the Fort Frances Fire and Rescue Service, I salute you and thank you for a wonderful six years.


Steve Richardson

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