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Valuable experience

Dear editor:

Even though Team Nordin, from the Stratton Curling Club, managed to finish in 10th place in the 2011 provincials men’s curling playdowns, which were at the Fort William Curling Club in Thunder Bay, our second trip there was a learning experience none of us will ever forget.

We completed our goal of passing our old record (2-9) during the 2010 provincials in Sudbury, finishing with a 3-8 this time around.

Every single game that we played during provincials, whether we got blown off the scoreboard or not, was extremely enjoyable. Some of these curling teams (like Scharf, Burgess, Jacobs, etc.) have known each other and have been curling together for many, many years.

We (Tim Nordin, Mitch Seguin, Adam Bolen, and I) only have been curling together competitively for a couple of years.

Also, these teams play together throughout the entire curling season. Our team, on the other hand, gets together once every year—and that is for the men’s championships. Therefore, making it to provincials, and being able to play against these strong teams, is a huge privilege.

Our curling skills and abilities are respected while we are at provincials, and our abilities should be respected in the district that we come out of, as well.

We curled hard, and played very well, just like every other team that made it to provincials, and we deserved our spot.

Even though some of the games did not go the way we planned, every member on our team learned a great deal about the overall game of curling.

We really enjoyed our second trip to provincials, and we hope to make it again next year to have a chance to beat our record—and one day make it to the Brier!


Travis E. Showalter

Nestor Falls, Ont.

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