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Credibility lost

Dear editor:

Last Thursday (Feb. 17), CBC Radio reporter Shane Judge spoke with Dan Belluz, chair of the previous Rainy River District School Board, and with current chair Michael Lewis.

Mr. Judge was curious about the action of the old board in passing a resolution behind closed doors which would quadruple the severance pay of the board’s two top employees if they were fired without cause.

Mr. Belluz intimated that “the old board feared that the new trustees would get rid of two loyal employees,” adding, “there were hints, here and there, that perhaps there was a movement abroad to eliminate some of the senior administration.”

Mr. Lewis expressed his disgust that the old board would take this action when the voting public had expressed their wishes by electing five new members to the board. This would hamper the new board if there was occasion to take action regarding the severances.

Mr. Belluz expressed his concern over the future of “two loyal employees.” Perhaps he should have been more concerned about shedding light on the issue of missing funds at FFHS several years ago, which precipitated a struggle to get at the truth.

The director of education and superintendent of business, according to the management letter that accompanies the financial statement, are responsible for the integrity of the financial controls and procedures, and the monitoring for their effectiveness.

Why hasn’t administration accepted this responsibility?

The board should have insisted that management account for the incident escaping detection for four years. The board should have required that administration establish new guidelines at the administration level that ensured proper oversight and monitoring of procedures.

In light of all the things that the old board under Dan Belluz has done or failed to do, don’t you think that the proper thing to do is for Dan Belluz to tender his resignation from the present board? He has lost all credibility as a servant of the public.

These actions and inactions by the previous board have a putrid odour.


Walter Horban

Fort Frances, Ont.

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