Monday, August 3, 2015

Contact Public Works for collection schedule

If you haven’t received your garbage and recycling collection schedule for 2013-14, be patient.
Sherin Hagen, at the Public Works office, said a small number of people have called to complain that they did not get the new schedules, which were supposed to be delivered to households by the Fort Frances Lakers by Jan. 1.

She noted it’s quite possible many people got them but accidently threw out their new schedule along with all the flyers filling their mailboxes at this time of year.
But if, for whatever reason, residents didn’t get a schedule or can’t find theirs, they can call Public Works at 274-9893.
Hagen said she is waiting for some undelivered schedules from one of the five collection areas to be returned to her, at which time some schedules will be made available at the Civic Centre and Public Works.
She is hoping this can be done as soon as possible.
The 2013 schedule also was posted on the town’s website as of this morning.
The Public Works website can be found at
Click on the link to your corresponding area (Areas 1-2, 3-4, and 5). If you don’t know what area you live in, see the link called “Map of Collection Area” on that same webpage.
Hagen noted most of the calls she has received are from people living in Area 4 (west of Central Avenue and south of the railroad tracks).

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