Friday, July 31, 2015

Toothbrushing flap tops silly 9-1-1 calls

CHATHAM, Ont.—Brushing your teeth may be important but police in Chatham, Ont. would like to remind the public that it’s not crucial enough to merit a call to 9-1-1.
A family dispute about dental hygiene topped the southwestern Ontario force’s annual list of the dozen most ridiculous emergency calls received during the past year.

The call in question came from a 20-year-old who didn’t share his dad’s opinion that regular toothbrushing was a good idea, police said.
Officers on the scene did manage to persuade the youth to brush his teeth.
No word on whether they convinced him to work flossing into his routine.
Second spot on the dirty dozen list went to a woman who called to report being attacked by a duck.
After failing to discover any injuries or signs of the duck, police were forced to conclude there were no signs of “fowl” play.
Third position went to a call from a woman who tried to enlist police assistance to bring her drug dealer in line.
The caller objected to the hallucinogens that were being added to her crack supply, police said.
A call accusing a local radio station of spreading erroneous weather reports nabbed fourth place on the list while fifth spot went to another domestic squabble—this time involving a 13-year-old girl mad at her mom for not letting her do her own laundry.
Other highlights included reports about a suspicious-looking squirrel, a supposed hit-and-run that turned out to be nothing more than an intoxicated fall, and a theft involving a voucher for a free coffee and doughnut at Tim Hortons.
Not all inappropriate emergency calls are created equal, though. Police also handed out top honours for the cutest call of the year.
The award went to a three-year-old who called 9-1-1 while watching the movie “Cars.”
The child feared for the safety of the character “Lightning McQueen” during a high-octane chase with rival “Chick Hicks,” police said.

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