Wednesday, August 5, 2015

‘Rejuvenate’ to offer fitness classes

Rejuvenate Fitness Club in Emo will unveil its new 700 sq. ft. classroom space during “Holly Daze” this Saturday, with personal trainer Chelsea Rylander heading up a step class at 2 p.m.
“We’ll have the space open to the public to see on Saturday,” noted Rejuvenate owner Lincoln Dunn, adding there also will be an introduction to strength training class for guys at 11 a.m.

Both classes are free but space is limited, so those interested should call 276-3794 or 276-1449 to sign up.
Dunn indicated more fitness classes will be coming in the new year and staff are excited about the new addition.
“There will be a large variety of fitness classes,” promised Rylander. “[And Saturday’s classes will] give people a feel of what’s offered at the gym and really show what the gym has to offer.”
Rylander, who’s been a personal trainer for about four years, started up her own business called “Fortified Bodies” back in June.
“So far it’s been doing very, very well—better than what I expected,” she enthused, noting she offers personal training, coaching, nutrition planning, competition training (i.e., bikini, figure, body building), boot camps, and fitness classes.
She said she has many clients, ranging from teens to seniors.
“It’s interesting and it’s fun working with people of different shapes and sizes, both male and female,” Rylander remarked.
“They have different needs and wants,” she explained. “It’s not like you are doing the same thing over and over again.
Rylander said seeing the results makes her love her job.
“I just love it,” she enthused. “Doing good and helping people achieve what they want in a healthy way, it’s just fantastic.”
And Rylander feels more people are now going to the gym.
“This society sees other people working out and they want to do it, too,” she said. “It’s a big snowball effect.”
Rylander mostly has promoted her services through Facebook and by word-of-mouth.
“I get phone calls from people I’ve never met before,” she noted. “Good new travels.
“It’s a really good feeling having people recognize you.”
Rylander also will be doing presentations to different groups in the area because she wants to help people be informed of how nutrition works.
“It’s not just about a number on a scale,” she stressed. “That’s what people are all about when they want to lose weight.
“But it’s about your pants size, toning, the before and after pictures.
“Society needs to know it’s not just about the scale because people will starve themselves,” she warned.
Originally from Cranbrook, B.C., Rylander moved to Calgary, Alta., where she started working out and training. She met her fiancé there and the couple moved to Emo.
“Everyone here is just so nice,” she remarked. “While it was a difficult adjustment, the people here made it easier.
“Everyone is wonderful and watches out for each other,” she added. “It’s not anything I ever imagined a place would ever be.
“It’s great.”
Rylander also works with a strong group of woman who are preparing to compete in the Manitoba Amateur Body Building Association (MABBA) championships in March and then the Fitness Star Competition in April.
And she’s hoping to see even more local people take on an active lifestyle.
“If it’s something you want to do, you need to do it now. Why wait?” she reasoned, referring to those who always see the new year as a good time to start.
“I believe in tough love,” she added. “If you are going to do it, do it. It can’t be something you’re just going to do temporarily.”
Rylander said you have to put your heart—and mind—into it.
“You have to mentally want it,” she stressed. “There should be no reason to wait, but some people need that little encouragement and motivation to stick with it.”
Rylander is able to take on more clients at the moment as she’s currently focused on independent training, meaning you get your diet and a program based on your needs and wants.
When her scheduled allows, she will be offering more one-on-one sessions.
“When you walk out the door, you’re not just getting a guide,” she noted. “I will be keeping in contact, making sure you are on top of it.
“People need that support system.”
She noted all of her clients have seen positive results because she’s there for them.
“It gives clients that motivation that they are working towards a goal,” she said, reiterating she loves to help people.
“If anyone has any questions, I’m more than happy to help,” Rylander said. “I love to see everyone in a healthy lifestyle.
“Not only is it rewarding to me, but everyone is in a better mood.
“If I can help in anyway, than why not?”
Check out Rylander’s “Fortified Bodies” page on Facebook or call her at 276-8389.

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