Monday, August 3, 2015

Métis elect council

The Sunset Country Métis elected an enthusiastic interim council here yesterday evening.
Interim council members, who comprise the municipal government for the local Métis population, will serve for up to a year until a full election is held.

“We’re trying to reinvigorate our council,” noted Clint Calder, who was re-elected as president last night.
“So the idea was to have a community meeting, explain to the community some of the developments that have happened over the last few years, and tell them the opportunities that the Sunset Country Métis will be having over the next few years,” he explained.
“And try and get more people involved on council to move our agenda forward.”
Other returning council members are Mona-Rose Morrisseau as chair, Roz Calder as secretary, and Garrick Isensee as the youth rep.
Newly-elected members include Val Pelepetz as treasurer, John George as senator (spiritual guide), and Michelle Tymkin as the women’s rep.
Wanda Botsford, Eric Fagerdahl, Randy Carmody, and Jim McMahon also were elected as councillors.
Clint Calder said upcoming issues for the council include securing funding for repairs to the Sunset Country Métis Hall and office, creating low-income housing for local Métis families, and engaging citizens in land consultation processes.

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