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MNR re-opens Marmion Lake to walleye anglers


Marmion Lake is open for walleye angling during the zone-wide open season.

The lake, located in the Atikokan area, was closed year-round for walleye angling, as prescribed in the 2008-2009 Recreational Fishing Regulations Summary.

The re-opening of the lake to walleye fishing will enhance opportunities for anglers and have a positive impact on the local tourism industry.

Walleye angling on the lake was closed in 1998 due to the collapse of the walleye population.

The Ministry of Natural Resources confirms the walleye population in Marmion Lake, also known as Lower Marmion Lake, has been restored to healthy levels capable of supporting a sustainable fishery.

The ministry will continue to monitor the walleye population as part of the broad-scale monitoring program for Fisheries Management Zone 5.

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