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Woman never lost hope


A woman who spent six days lost and alone in the woods of Northwestern Ontario said she never gave up hope.

Valerie Cain got lost July 12 when she left her car to go look at some rapids near Red Lake.

The 45-year-old lost her way in the thick boreal forest with only a few cherries and crackers for food.

Cain said she built fires to stay warm and slept near the shore of a river for a few days, figuring someone eventually would come by.

After walking towards another shore, Cain said she started hallucinating and believed she saw a man who told her he was coming to help.

Cain, who is from Keewatin, Ont., said her training as a lifeguard and experience as a camper helped her survive until cabin owners found her.

She said she is recovering well and plans to return to her job as an ultrasound technologist soon.

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