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Still room in BizKids Camp


The Northwest Business Centre will once again be holding “BizKids Camp” here in town from Aug. 19-23.

Diane Schwartz-Williams, who organizes the program, noted that there are approximately 10 spots available and so parents are encouraged to sign their children up soon.

Thursday at noon is the cutoff for registration.

The program for youth ages nine to 12 introduces skills, qualities, attitudes, and values necessary to be successful in today’s economy.

“It’s a really cool way of flaming the spark that is in young entrepreneurs and giving them the chance to explore what they can do with it,” she said.

“It teaches them some of the things they need to know about how to start a business, how to run a business, make a product, and sell a product. It’s a fun week and they earn some money, they make some new friends.

“They learn a lot of things in the process,” Schwartz-Williams continued.

“For some, it’s something that takes them forward and maybe three years from now they are the next Summer Company in Fort Frances, like Tanner Bell.”

The entrepreneurial camp also includes high energy games and workshops, which will challenge the participants and help them to grow.

Schwartz-Williams noted the youth will be touring Tagg’s Source for Sports and Betty’s downtown.

In addition, at the beginning of the week each participant will choose a business to begin and will work on growing that business throughout the week.

“It shows them the ropes ... it shows them that it’s not all fun but that it can be fun,” she noted.

“It helps them discover if it’s something they like doing.

“They will even get a little bank loan at RBC to buy the supplies to make their product,” she added.

The culminating event will be a “Market Day,” held downtown on Scott Street in front of the Fort Frances Museum, where the youth will sell their product or service to the public.

Any profits from the business, the camper is allowed to pocket.

“Market days are always fun, not just for them selling their product,” she said of the event, which will run from 11 a.m.-1:30 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 23.

“Their creations are always wonderful, exciting and fun to see, and generally they sell out.

“I would invite anyone to come down and check out the market, because it’s a blast,” she directed to the community.

“I am not sure there’s ever been a kid that did ‘BizKids’ that didn’t enjoy [the camp], that didn’t walk away feeling good about what they’d done, feeling good about their product, and happy with what they’d sold.

“They’d had fun and learned something in the process,” Schwartz-Williams finished.

The camp will run from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. each day, with classes being held in the Shaw Room at the Fort Frances Public Library and Technology Centre.

The cost to enroll is $150, with registration forms available online at

For more information contact Northwest Business Centre at 467-3643 or at

Schwartz-Williams also thanked the Northern Ontrio Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative, the government of Ontario, and the community for supporting the popular program.

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